April 6, 2014
World Physical Activity Day



Dear friends,

Physical activity, Sport and Health Plan (PAFES) of the Catalan Government, celebrates the “World Day of Physical Activity” on April 6th, for fifth consecutive year.Celebrations can be held from the 1st to the 14th of April.

“World Day of Physical Activity” will be celebrated again in 2014 all over the globe, spreading the basic, and easy to achieve, recommendation: “Accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity every day", with the topic “Physical Activity: A golden goal for health!”. Achieving this recommendation, compared to a sedentary lifestyle, would help prevent more than 3334 deaths/year, in Catalonia.

For the celebration, a poster in high resolution format and in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) is available online to facilitate the dissemination of the messages. The poster’s high resolution allows printing at any size without loss of quality. You can print as many copies as needed.

Consult the list of proposed activities, as well as all activities carried out last year, for inspiration at organizing your events.

Any activity or event that will help promote physical activity will be fantastic!

Have a great celebration!

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